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May 29, 2005
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Sonic CD Comic - Page 8 by el-hazard Sonic CD Comic - Page 8 by el-hazard
Again, sorry for the huge gap between pages. I've either been busy with busy things or just busy with being lazy. For this, I apologise. However, now, in honour of the lovely El's ([link]) birthday, I am going to upload 3 consecutive pages, as a belated birthday gift. Well, it's what she asked for, anyway.


- First, here ([link]) is the original draft of this page. The only real difference is the "above-head" view of Sonic in the last panel, which I couldn't re-draw because of lack of talent.

Panel 1

- I recently submitted my hard labour to the Sonic Verse Team fan comic website ([link]) to whore myself out a bit more. This is the panel that was used as the cropped preview image that the maintainer of the site chose to advertise my comic. I'm not too proud of it to be honest, but as I have literally nothing else to say about abot this panel, I thought I'd mention it.

Panel 2

- Ah, yes, the rocky Eggman face. Unique because the short shot of it is cut from the high resolution version of the opening animations to the game. Why? Who knows. Another mystery for the "hacking" community to delve into, me thinks.

- Something I didn't know prior to drawing this panel was that the Eggman face also acts (or rather, possibly acts) as Eggman's hide away. I only realised this once Madi pointed it out to me. So, props to her for that.

- Sammy has pointed out that I don't draw the base jagged enough. I'm not sure I agree, but I have said that I will try to make it more angular and natural looking. Without much success.

- The SFX used on this panel ("Daaa - Haahaha!!!") is one of Eggman's trademark laughs. This particular laugh debuted in the Sonic the Hedgehog Japanese manual. Off the top of my head, it's also featured in the Sonic 2 Japanese manual and the Sonic Drift.

Panel 3

- Aha, the first appearance by Doctor Eggman. I don't think he looks particularly good here, but he sure is fun to draw. Next to Sonic, he's probably the character I draw most, if I'm bored and wish to doodle all over a newspaper or something. The way I've drawn him here really doesn't do justice to the character. I swear it gets better in a few pages time.

- Eggman's mobile used here is actually the wrong one for Sonic CD. I will rectify this in future pages, when Sonic destroys the first "chicken legged" boss in Palmtree Panic's bad future.

I would upload a picture in my scraps to show you what the scooter Eggmobile supposed to look like, but I haven't actually drawn it yet, and the only clear picture I have of it is a sketch by Mike Stearns. And I'd feel awful about uploading someone's elses work, even if I had permission.

Panel 4

- The first oh-so-subtle first glimpse of Metal Sonic. Seriously though, only the true novices of Sonic fandom would have to second guess that it's him... but what can I say? I guess I'm a sucker for "figure-in-the-shadows" suspense. Which also explains why Metal is shrouded in shadows in broad daylight.

Additionally, the Japanese manual goes on about a "blue light" shining behind Eggman during his gloating in the story. It could only be Metal Sonic. Or possibly a lens flare. I dunno.

Panel 5

- This is a much better drawing of Eggman on my part. He's looking much more like the original Watanbe illustration here. The glasses are smaller, the head looks more natural for that position and I also think the lack of a mouth helps me in making it looks extra excellent. Eggman's face always works better when you can't see his mouth. : D I think it's one of my favourite parts about his design. It's ashame that the post-1998 games don't do it that often.

Panel 6

- As with the first panel, I don't have much to say about this one, aside from the fact that it's the first appearance of the "frown wrinkle". So, you know the story has taken a turn for the serious.


Page 9 should be up in a few hours. Be patient with me, as I'm doing a multitude of different things at the moment.

>> Future! (Page 9: [link])
<< Past! (Page 7: [link])
<<< Yes (Pages 1 - 2: [link])
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Eggman just has to put his head in everything, does not he?
Nice shadowing on Metal Sonic!
MilesTailsPrower-007 Jun 3, 2005  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Ooh, you made Metal Sonic look so shadowy and mysterious with the way he's just peering out like that.

Eggman's very vocal. He definately likes to advertise his schemes. XD Nice job with that, and I like his expression, and the explanitory panel thingy after the Metal Sonic one looks good, too. You're good at drawing Eggman. Awesome job with this comic so far. =]
"Daaaa-haahaha!" Man, I can hear it in my head ^_^ LOVE the panel with Metal in it, and you did a great job on everything else too, as usua ~.^ Ah, can't wait for the next page----please don't make me wait! *begs*

Awesome job!
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